Upperhandmedown is a curated thrift store at your fingertips

We find deals, repair, upcycle, reuse, and create unique items by using what is already in the fashion system!

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What makes Upperhandmedown different?

We're not your average thrift store. We focus on upcycling and repair as much as cool and functional secondhand fashion. Learn more about how thrifting and upcycling relates to the circular fashion industry and what Upperhandmedown is all about:

Who We Are
  • T r e e s

    Every purchase has a carbon footprint. At Upperhandmedown, we offset that footprint at the point of sale. For every single product we sell, we plant a tree through OneTreePlanted.

  • P a c k a g i n g

    Our packaging utilizes secondhand tissue paper and wrapping paper and eco friendly mailers. No two packages look exactly the same when you open them - and we love that!

  • F a c t s

    By purchasing an item secondhand, you greatly impact the planet in direct and indirect ways. Learn more Fashion Facts and the positives and negatives of the secondhand and fast fashion industries.