About Us

A Curated Shop that relies on Upcycling. Why?

The global system of producing and consuming textiles and clothing, and many other
possessions for that matter, is simply not sustainable. We are refashioning,
upcycling, and educating as a way to help give the upper hand to the
second-hand and propel fashion in a forward motion that truly takes tomorrow
into account.

All items are handpicked and often altered or upcycled to keep items fresh that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

  • Fact

    Most objects on this earth, especially in the fashion world, have a linear life.

  • Issue

    The creation at the start and the destruction at the end of each piece of clothing causes immense harm.

  • Solution

    Turn the line into a loop and put each object back into use again and again!


First, fix the beginning of the line by making recyclable and sustainable fabrics. This will then Close the Loop. In the meantime, the best solutions are upcycling, reusing, and simply buying less.

What is Closing the Loop?

When you think of the trajectory of the life of a single t-shirt or pair of jeans, it's usually a very straight line that starts with fabric production and ends with the landfill.

Closing the Loop is a term used to describe how we can turn that line into a circle so that the materials used never end up in the trash, but rather keep being worked back into the system.
Essentially making more clothes out of old clothes.

In order for the loop to work properly, change needs to happen at the start AND the end of that original line: that means creating fabrics and textiles that are designed to be fully recycled before they are even created.

The point is to completely take the landfill out of the equation.

< That closed loop looks like this.

Around the world, we are still using virgin materials and producing garments that physically cannot be broken down into recyclable parts. The tech needed to overhaul the fashion industry is still quite a few years away from being the mandatory norm.

That's why Upperhandmedown is all about creating a loop that prolongs the life of every garment, or any other possession for that matter, so that it keeps things out of the landfill until other solutions become more accessible.

That loop-di-loo starts with what's already in the system and looks like this: